On-Site Wicket Consulting

Whether you just need to get your project off the ground or you have specific needs during your project, I can help you to succeed. Throughout years of experience with many different Wicket applications, I have not only gained valuable experience that can make you successful, I have also established many relationships with other Wicket professionals.

When I come to your location to help you, I am 100% yours and will be laser-focused on understanding your needs and addressing them. We often start by looking through your application from a user’s eyes and then looking at the code together. Then we’ll start brainstorming. Sometimes that’s just whiteboarding some ideas together. Other times I sit down and write some code to help. Many times we put together an example application that does exactly what you need as a pattern for you to implement in your own full stack.

I’m not alone in this; together with my network of Wicket experts, I guarantee that we will be able to help you make your project a success. I have built a business and a reputation on being able to unite many companies with the expertise they needed to make their projects a success. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs so that we can create a strategy for your success.

Remote Consulting

Perhaps you don’t need me to come to your location - you have a problem you can describe over the phone, in an email, or on a web conference. I’m happy to help from wherever I am. Sometimes you need a code review, sometimes you need me to write a library for you - whatever it is, I’m able to get it done. Whether it’s our first time working together, or I’m doing some remote follow-up from one of my on-site visits, I’m available to assist you. Just contact me to let me know what your needs are.