About Me

The first web application that I published commercially was purchased by eBay. I stayed on with eBay for several years, mentoring and assisting teams that were migrating several applications over to a scalable Java-based architecture. After those were complete, I was off to new adventures - which led me to Wicket. I have been using Wicket since version 1.1, and have deployed over two dozen successful web applications of various sizes with it.

Since 2008 I have been focusing on sharing my expertise and love of Wicket with others. I believe that it is the best framework for writing full-featured server-side web applications today. I have shared my knowledge with dozens of companies who are now making their use of Wicket a success.

You Can Trust Me

I am a Wicket committer and Project Management Committee member. You will not find another United States based trainer that can say that, or that has the proven track record that I have of providing assistance to companies and individuals interested in using Wicket.

Also, I believe strongly that the only way to do business is to be a good person above all else. I will not treat you wrong. I will not cheat you. I will not deliver less than what I promised. I'm not satisfied unless you're satisfied. I will treat you how I want to be treated - with respect, kindness, and honesty

Let me assist your company today. You won't regret it.

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