I am here to help you.

No matter what your needs, my goal is to help you make a success out of your use of Wicket. Please let me know what I can do to make that goal a reality.

I am an experienced and motivated trainer. On-site training is most-requested service that I offer. My training style engages the students and helps them learn in a way that truly makes them better at using the Wicket framework.

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If you have questions about how to work Wicket into your technology stack, I am happy to help you get started or take your use to the next level. I can answer questions, make working examples, or write production-ready code for you. I'll work on-site with your team relentlessly until your goals are achieved.

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Whether you need some advice, a second opinion, or a code review, I can assist you from wherever I am in the world at the time. I'm available day and night to make sure you succeed in your adoption of Wicket.

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