What others say:

I enjoyed the training class given for multiple reasons. The first and most important one was flexibility to accommodate requests and include additional topics in the training as per request by our group. I always feel most of the instructors come well-prepared only for the content in the material they bring with themselves and discourage students to go in detail in other topics but it was totally a different experience here which added a lot of value to the whole course. Another one was that he put in effort to understand the layout of our project and gave examples to solve the problems in our project accordingly. Jeremy bring a wide range of topics and have in-depth knowledge of various tools in Web development which have opened paths to new ideas in our project. We also learnt how to efficiently use this framework and use different patterns to achieve that. The hands-on style of training gave a lot of confidence to all. Overall, I would highly recommend Jeremy as a trainer if you are interested in building a web application using Wicket.

Dinesh Kumar
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Dear Jeremy,
I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our environment. Your Java and Wicket training was very informative and robust. Our development team benefited from the way that you customized the training, gearing it towards our applications and architecture.

Our lead developer commented that the hands-on style of your training sessions was particularly powerful and beneficial.

We also are very happy with your consultation related to our existing applications. It helped us greatly improve the performance and management of those applications.

Thanks for your contribution. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you.

Leo Foley
Chief Information Officer
Systems Material Handling Co

I enjoyed the training class about Wicket done by Jeremy Thomerson. The class was extremely well prepared and well designed, the course material and the labs gave a clear idea of what Wicket is and which advantages this framework brings for software engineers who want to develop a web application.

Antoine Levy-Lambert
Software Engineer
Ariel Partners

Jeremy has helped me out many times when I got stuck with Wicket. There were time when I did not get help with the Wicket forum on Nabbles. I contacted Jeremy and he provided very good solutions. Once I was stuck for more than a month with the most critical part of my application. It was then that I found Jeremy's website. At that time no classes were scheduled to suit me. But I contacted him anyway and he was very kind to provide help and save my application.

Mohammad Salman

on site wicket training classes available

On Site Training

Rather than sending the entire team to a training class, bring the training class to you. Whether your team is just getting started with Wicket or has a specific skill that they need to learn to complement their Wicket knowledge, an on-site course can be crafted to your needs. Offering anywhere from two to five day courses, your team can gain the skills it needs to make your projects successful.

Hands-on Experience
     --  Not Boring Lectures

You go to classes because you want to learn something, and leave with a new skill. When you leave this class, you will have coded at least one working Wicket application. Many have called my method of teaching "innovative". But I don't believe that it really is. We all learn things by doing them, and I structure my classes around that philosophy.

You know that all of us have dozed off before while watching someone at a projector flipping through a PowerPoint presentation. You'll have a hard time falling asleep in my classes. The class will consist of fast-moving explanations of core design principles, Wicket components, and "The Wicket Way", and each section will be followed by a coding practice where you can put into use what you just learned.

For more information about what you will learn in the class, see our Wicket training curriculum page.

With many frameworks, there would be no way to learn enough pertinent information in just a few days to prepare you for really using the framework. But with Wicket's easy learning curve, and the fast-paced, hands-on style of these classes /slash/ workshops, you will feel confident using Wicket when you leave.

What Will You Gain?

When you leave, you will have built an impressive Wicket application yourself. You may even look back and wonder how you had the time to build such an application while you were in a class for only a few days!

If you have never used Wicket before, you will leave the class with a solid foundation to build your very own application with it. Even if you have used Wicket before, you should leave with an improved understanding of best practices, and some new tricks up your sleeve for getting back into your own applications.

In most classes, I also provide several copies of the great book Wicket in Action for free. Consider it your "continuing education" once you've returned to work.

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact me.